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Hi, I’m Jane.  My family moved into this house in the Spring of 1971.  I was in my sophomore year at Bryan Adams and all I could think of was my upcoming date with a real dreamboat to his senior prom.

The Search for Home

My mom and dad were born here in the DFW Metroplex, but I’d grown up all over the South, because of my dad’s job.  Every time Dad got a promotion we’d have to move, but during all that time, the goal was to move back to Dallas.  Finally, in 1966, we moved back to the area into a rent house in the older part of Lochwood Meadows.

We’d barely moved our furniture in when my parents started looking for a home to buy.  Dad wanted to move to DeSoto.  New houses were springing up like wildfires there and it was very close to his workplace in Lancaster.  Mom was all about East Dallas.  We were already in the school system, we’d joined a church and my Aunt Tommie lived close by.

For years, it seemed as if almost every Sunday after church we’d go house hunting.   One Sunday it would be DeSoto or Duncanville.  The next Sunday it would be Plano or Richardson.  Then we had the wreck on our way back from DeSoto.  Someone T-Boned our baby blue Pontiac Catalina.  We replaced it with Chevrolet Caprice and nothing else was ever said about South Dallas.

Finding Home

My sister and I were just about over all this house hunting.  So, when Mom and Dad decided to go look at some nearby homes on their own, we were glad for them to go.  The newer section of Lochwood Meadows was under development and we’d already been dragged to most of the available homes two or three times.  Mom and Dad both loved the area, but the houses were just out of the budget they’d set for themselves.

I swear my parents were glowing when they returned much sooner than we’d anticipated.  A new house was on the market.  One that was a little smaller than the others and the builder was ready to make a deal.  I easily remember the glee we shared as we entered the house that would soon become our home.

The builder was proudly standing next to the fireplace with a hand-printed sign that read, “$35,900.”  My sister and I ran to pick out our bedrooms, while my parents had a much more serious conversation with the builder.  We would have been hard-pressed to tell you which made us happier – our new house or the end of the house-hunting expedition.

I sincerely hope 10935 Carissa is the end of your house-hunting expedition.  I hope as you walk through the freshly painted rooms and step on the brand new wood floors, you’ll feel the glee my sister and I felt:  “This is it! We’re home!”

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